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Intellectual rigour: Constellations sit within an important intellectual tradition that needs to be understood as part of the Constellator’s tradecraft. All our work at the Constellations Academy is underpinned by it.

Therapeutic Skill: We work to the very highest therapeutic standards, establishing a frame in which issue-holders, representatives and those in the circle feel the level of safety required to do deep work.

Innovation: Constellations is an evolving practice. Through research and interdisciplinary investigation, we are constantly expanding our work and trying new solutions.

Community: Beneath all of our work are the relationships between the people involved in it, students, teachers, clients, administrators and partners. The Academy thrives on the friendliness and trust in those relationships.

Offering world class Constellations training to

Psychotherapists & Health professionals: who wish to add an innovative systemic dimension to their work with individual clients.

Consultants: looking for new tools to expand the range of solutions they can offer to organisations.

Creatives: who are seaking to release new sources of inspiration.

Professionals: who for the sake of their own development are hungry for innovative means of expanding their practice.

Individuals: with a curiosity about the world’s deeper movements who are eager for a new way of seeing things.

Three training options

1. Attending an Introductory Weekend only. This is aimed at people who would like to get a good general overview of how to work with Constellations. All training takes place in a group setting.

2. Attending an Introductory Weekend plus further modules at will, but not the whole course. This is for those who would like to explore specific themes, such as working with Constellations in a creative capacity.

3. Attending an Introductory Weekend plus all further modules in the year. This option represents a full First Year training. It is for those who plan to go on to do the Second Year, and eventually run Constellations workshops of their own. The benefits for those signing up for the full year include 1:1 supervision, online resources, peer group work and a certificate.

You will learn

Principles: you will understand the principles firstly made known by Bert
Hellinger and more recently extended by others.

Phenomenology: you will hone the capacity to facilitate a constellation
without preconception or prejudice.

Presence: you will remain contemplative and centred during the process so
that you don’t miss what emerges in the constellation.


We are seeking over time to develop a family of like-minded people of different ages and backgrounds, all of whom are committed, through Constellations and its offshoots, to finding order among chaos.

“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with existence”
– Rabindranath Tagore


Nicola Dunn, BCA, UKCP senior member

Nicola Dunn, BCA, UKCP senior member

Director of Studies

Nicola is an experienced psychotherapist, supervisor and specialist 1:1 constellations coach. She has studied individual, group, couple and family psychotherapy. Through-out her career she has maintained a busy private practise, worked in private healthcare and held a senior post in a London teaching hospitall as a systemic psychotherapist. She teaches constellations and leads workshops in the UK and abroad facilitating creative solutions to complex problems.

Robert Rowland Smith, M.A., D. Phil. (Oxon)

Robert Rowland Smith, M.A., D. Phil. (Oxon)

Director of Studies

Dr. Robert R. Smith is a Quondam Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, and a board member of the Tavistock Institute of Medical Psychology. He is the author of six books, including Death-Drive, a monograph on the metapsychology of Sigmund Freud. He has been leading Constellations workshops since 2006.

"The specific weight of the soul is equal to the weight of what has been dared."
- Bert Hellinger